making a decision: career choices

There are not many members of my family who have been to university, maybe only one or two that i can think of. Someone in my family even tried to put me off going to university because she wanted her son to be the only person in our close family to have a higher education. But i wanted to prove her wrong.

I have always wanted to do A-levels and see where that takes me, however, i didnt have a clue as to what i wanted to study. After spending time researching courses and talking to people i knew in different professions law seemed like the best option for me as i discovered that i dont have to only become a lawyer or solicitor through doing a degree in law.

I have recently undergone paid work experience with a solicitors caytons law in London. I have been there several times before and am going back in February as i enjoy working there and getting paid to as i dont have a full time job and the experience is invaluable for a good career.

During my last week with the company i went to Central London County Court to sit in a hearing and got to meet the barrister who is the counsel for the comoany i worked for. He works at one of the oldest and largest chambers in London 4 New Square which is close to the Law Courts. He gave me a few points to consider when chosing a career. He suggested that i should definatly look at going to university which he did and studied English where he got the highest first class degree and then went on to do his masters, he also suggested i  look into a barristers clerk role at a chambers in london such as the one he works at, as the pay is good when you work your way up and after i told him a little bit about my self he said it would be a very good job to do.

My issue is that i want to go to university to get a degree and also experience a student life hopefully at nottingham trent university and having looked at the job discription and qualifications needed to be a clerk, i discover although some chambers do allow people with degrees to work as a clerk they much prefer a 16 year old straight out of college, which is the stage i am at now in my final year of A levels!

For anyone who has been in the same situation as me what do you think i should do. go to university and do a law degree to become a paralegal or legal assistant at a solicitors or join a pupillage at 4 new square chambers?

– Miss Pepperpot 😉

my week as a solicitor

So I’ve had one week work experience as a solicitor and to be honest there really isn’t much to tell. I sat at a desk for a week, read proofing witness statements and filing correspondences. All I can say is that every evening at quarter past six when I got home I fell flat on my face from a long day at work. I know people do work a 9-5 job on a daily basis, and I have done it before but after not having to be up until late, it takes it out of you for sure.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to cancel my week at RBS and will continue working as a solicitor for my second week experience because I won’t be allowed to do any work at Royal Bank of Scotland. They told me I will be making notes and observing. Hardly fulfilling the meaning of “Work experience’.

One thing I did learn during my week after having re-drafted a 21 page letter 18 times this week, is how to create a word document correctly, if there is a way of doing so.

Until next time

– Miss Pepperpot 😉

Life Ambitions


  1. go travelling with someone special
  2. be successful in what ever i decide to do in life (which I’m still unsure about)
  3. own a ferrari or Lamborghini 
  4. live in a large but not mansion size house
  5. would love to get married by 25 or 26 years old
  6. have 2 or 3 kids, would love twins but nature will take its course 

My life ambitions are quite extravagant and i haven’t yet started on achieving them, but writing them out has put a perspective on how unsuccessful my life is at the moment and i know have an incentive to do better starting from….NOW!!

Let me know what your ambitions are below

-MissPepperpot 😉


My Court Experience

I went to the Old Bailey in London today, what an experience it was!

We left our local station at 9:35 on the C2C line with and got off at Barking, then from Barking to mile End on the District line to Mile End. This was the easiest part of the whole trip. Then Drama!!

After changing at mile end to the central line west bound to St. Pauls during rush hour 3 people almost didn’t make it onto the train. One smart genius put his arm in the way of the door to stop it closing and the over head demanding voice said ‘please keep the doors clear’, i thought she was talking to us at first but then that just the rude, rush of the train service, only giving moments to get on a jam packed train. Please give us a chance…

Finally when we arrived at the Old Bailey court building we had to find the entrance for the public gallery, when we found it they told us we weren’t allowed mobiles, food or drinks in the building what so ever. However, we all had phones, food and drinks which caused a kerfuffle of where we were going to leave our belongings. Then my teacher suggested we throw our food away and find a place to store our mobiles safely, thinking we would have no lunch the majority of my class ate and drank before court at 10:30. For me thats way too early to be eating walkers crisps. 

After nearly one hour of wondering around with our food and waiting for our teachers friend to direct us we finally went in to the building, not before being searched as precaution. Was the court rooms what i thought they would be like? No! nothing like the court rooms you see on The Bill.


Firstly, the court rooms are a lot smaller than i first predicted and the cases aren’t as exciting and thrilling. We sat mostly in fraud cases, which wasn’t ideally what cases i had in mind of sitting in. I wanted to sit in a murder (<say this in a scottish accent) case, which was on however, we decided it wouldn’t be wise to sit in the public gallery where the victims family and friends would be sitting to observe the case.

Secondly, the cases are very, very slow, to the point the person sitting next to me fell asleep and i could feel myself dozing zzzzz intact counting sheep (the squares on the glass roof). One of the more awkward moments was when we were told to Rise before the judge”, i looked down to find the defendants looking up at me. That was an awkward turtle kind of moment. 

My overall experience is that it was very interesting to see what it was like actually sitting in a court room which i had never done, and hope never to do unless observing because it looked very intimidating when the barrister questioned the witness or defendant. Some of the staff, e.g. security, ex coppers i have been informed, are rather rude ushering us in and out of the courts and hushing us to be quite when he was the one making noise louder than the whole group of 14 people we had. 

It has also changed my idea of career, where at one point i wanted to be a barristers clerk and now seeing what they do, practically slavery has changed my mind. i know my future hold me sitting at a computer or filing, doesn’t sound glamorous but i have done several experience weeks and work, although it isn’t exciting the main reason was for the city life and the pay at my age £500 for 2 weeks, was a lovely sight when i got my statement as I’ve never had a pay cheque before. I am still keen to do law at Uni but will focus more on the business aspects of law rather than the criminal side.

If anyone has the opportunity to go to the Old Bailey and sit in on a case please take it because its a great experience, just make sure you go to a Murder case… much more interesting no snoring!!!

And finally, on the way back i got a new hair style… the salon is called One Stop Train Stop


The Prospects of University

Well for starters, Its a very daunting time for anyone thinking about moving into higher education and with the possibility of leaving family for a uni somewhere completely new. i know this because I’m beginning to decide what university to go to in 2013/2014.

How am i feeling…

Right now, very nervous. Ive completed my first year of A Level exams and am waiting for my results on the 16th August. Im nervous because i know the results i get this year determine what i should take for my A2 year. The idea of me not being able to carry on with Law is almost to upsetting to think about. When my Finance teacher told me if there is a chance you don’t get a good grade in Law or Business studies you must carry on with financial capability. My thoughts on that “Don’t be ridiculous” of course I’m going to get a good grade in law. Because the chances of me going to uni depends on getting the best grade in Law. The course I’m determined to get into at Uni is Law and Business management.

The main thing I’m really worried about is moving away from home. I was texting my friend the other day who is also going to university at the same time as me and she came up with the idea of going to uni and renting a place together. So i thought about it and told my mum. I had the idea that i didn’t want to go any further than Chelmsford or Cambridge, but the university my friend introduced me to is in Ormskirk, Lancashire, Near Liverpool and Manchester. How many hours away from London is that? Exactly!! Far from what i had originally planned.

But then i thought about it a little more, maybe the idea isn’t so bad if i go with a friend. Maybe my worry was going it alone, in fact i think this is everyones worry. You spend years and years with the same friends, doing the same thing and all of a sudden your thrown in at the deep end.

You have the opportunity to apply to 5 Universities via UCAS, but first you need to visit these Uni’s. Im going to be honest, i haven’t been to any and i need to apply by January. The reason, People keep putting me off the ones i really wanted to go to. I asked my friends what they thought of an Anglia Ruskin, they all said No! immediately. Im not telling you the reason because i feel it too rude to repeat in public and rather offensive to others, which is not the point of this blog.

This changed my idea of what uni i wanted to go to, which is when my friend in Yorkshire said Edge Hill. So, i did some research on courses, and they have the perfect Law and Business Management course for me and a hall of residence which is where i would like to stay for the first year or two before renting.

I never thought i would move so far away from my family, but nor did i expect my mind to change about how far i wanted to move. And then there is the prices, I’ve been looking for a job for a very long time. i turned 17 at the end of march and was looking when i was 16. Thats how long I’ve been looking. I did get a temp for 2 weeks, at an insurance brokers, curtsy of my cousin but trying to find one for my self that will take into account my full time education situation is very difficult. I’ve just put it down to being unemployable.

The first change to this i made was re-doing my CV which isn’t very bulky with little experience (although i have 2 weeks experience coming up soon to extend my chances), the second step was going to my local shopping centre to the recruitment office and handing my CV in where they told me most shops only take 18 and overs. Well i know this is Bull because most of my friends who are 17 have jobs at primark etc. I think its because I’m small for my age and think I’m incapable, Well pardon me for being petite but what has that got to do with my ability to work.  

The next step…

Get a Job

Write a 4000 word personal statement

Choose my 5 uni’s

Pray i get into my first choice!!

this blog is for people in the same situation to know they are not alone, everyone has the same problems. All you need to know is your mind can be changed at the last minute, from the courses you want to study to the university you want to attend so keep your options open and get as much advice as you can before applying. talk to your friends too, they are going through it as much as you are.

Happy University searching

-MissPepperpot 😉

Review: The Evernote App and revision

Now I’ve finished my first year at A Level I’ve discovered a few things that I need to change before September when A2 year starts. Firstly, Im not as organised as i thought i was several years ago. I had messy handwriting and my notes were in one place but in no particular order. I always compared my own folder and notes to others in my class, and mine was considerably better so i thought it was as good as it would get. 

Just before my Law exams only a month ago now, I said to myself ‘What have I done?’. Although I had paid deep concentration in all of my two hour long lessons and taken as many notes as i could, when it came to just two months before two exams i realised as much as taking notes down, reading and making mind maps was required, it just was not enough.

Then a friend used her iPad in lessons to make her own ‘Law book’, if you like, on the most important things from the book we studied from. She printed me off a copy and i studied it vigorously right up until the exam. Previously revising the notes i had made in class hadn’t sunk in and went in one in and out the other but i put that down to lack of concentration. 

Now the exams have passed and i am rather confident i will get the grades i desire to carry Law on to the A2 stages, i wanted to up my game on revision and note organisation. This is when i discovered Evernote. Evernote is an app which can be used on Apple, Android and Blackberry allows you to make written note, take quick snap shots with captions and create audio dialogue all of which can be done on any of the devices mentioned. When saved and synced if you have Evernote downloaded on more than one device with the same username, the information you create and save will be available on all other devices immediately. 

how it helps me…

I have just recently purchased my A2 exercise book off of (AQA Law for A2 By Jacqueline Martin and Chris Turner). This is the different edition to the AS edition I have previously used however, according to my teacher this one is the best version with better context more aligned to the exam, more so than the book required specifically by the exam board. I will be using evernote to create the same effect of notes as my friend, by working through the book chapter by chapter making a replica of the book in my own wordings to make it simpler for me. This I am able to do during my lesson on my Android HTC Wildfire and continued at home on my apple MacBook Air.

I believe evernote is a useful tool for students who like to revise on the go or where there is no internet connection as notes can be saved and carried on then synced to other devices when a connection is available. It also allows to take snapshots of web pages. I have found it very hard to find a fault with evernote, it is the tool for everyone even bloggers. You can create notes or drafts of posts before publishing them and take photos and audio clips to edit before publishing too.

further more i do not suggest this to be the only way of revising, one other thing i suggest is if you live with others, preferably adults who won’t want to distract your study motion you could get them to put you in a room with no distractions. It may seem easier said than done, but i have a conservatory with no technology and got my mum to ‘lock’ me in their for half an hour consecutively so i could take a food/toilet break. Trust me when i say a cool conservatory and a note book with text is all you need and nothing more- it really sinks in and truly helps with attempting to input it into your head and keep it there.

All of this sounds terribly obvious however, in my mind at such a young age GCSE’s didn’t seem at all important as much as i was told it was, i thought i could whim my way through it. Clearly Not!! 

One Kind Of Friend

there are many types of friends, you know the usual best friends, fake friends, just don’t want to be lonely friends. But there is one other friend but i can’t put a name to it. This kind of friend complains about everything life has to throw at her, the one where as soon as you say one word or even if you don’t she flips from being bubbly and sometimes annoying to moody, grumpy and still annoying. they just can’t find that middle man.

I want to give you an example, last week a girl at my school in one of my subject lessons was sitting in the study where all the sixth formers hang before, in-between and after lessons. She was with all our other mates and she wanted to go to class fifteen minutes early. She asked one of our mutual friends if she would accompany her, but she said no, then she moved on to ask another friend who said no. Then of course she asked me. I had no reason to stay in the Library and no reason not to go with her to class so i thought it would kill some time and i could catch up on what she did over the weekend.

Later on when the whole class joined us our mutual friend who happened to be her best friend texted me saying she’s having a big row over BBM (blackberry messenger for all those who don’t have a BB). I myself don’t have one but i do know anything you put on a status can be seen by your whole contact list. 

To cut the rest of the story short she was in a mood for the rest of the WEEK let alone day and not just with the friend she was arguing with but everyone she came close to. This hasn’t just been this incident but almost every day.

I just had to rant about this because i needed to get it off my chest how much it annoys me that she is never happy and always complains as though the whole world revolves around her and she’s the only one who exists on the planet.

I don’t quite know what to call this type of friend, maybe selfish but if anyone knows how to deal with THIS type of friend please comment below because I’ve got this all next year too. 

Many thanks for your help

MissPepperpot 😉

The 20 Tag In Writing

Im a fan of watching youtube videos but find it very hard to get in front of the camera myself, even if it feels like I’m talking to my self. So, there is this one tag that every youtube guru raves about and constantly uploads an updated version of their 20 questions tag. It basically answers random questions to allow their subscribers to get to know them more.

So I have decided to do the 20 questions tag without a camera. The questions I answer were made up by the original person who came up with the tag when it all began so here it goes…

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? This has to be the most obvious answer, my phone of course. Even when I’ve stepped just one foot out my front door, knowing I’ve got my phone in my pocket or bag, I feel around frantically for my phone just to check its on or that I do actually have it. I think it has something to do with OCD or I could just be mad.

2. Favorite brand of makeup? i don’t really have a favourite brand because although I consider myself as a beauty guru i can’t even blend my eye shadow properly. I don’t even have I do have a lot of No.7 and Avon but i guess these are of the lower end brands compared to M.A.C. of which I only have one Lipglass that i got a year ago for my birthday.

3. Favorite flower? My favourite flower is a Rose because that is my middle name and i Love the smell they give off. I like all the different colours, in fact I bought my mum a bunch of roses just recently.

4. Favorite clothing store? This would have to be Miss Selfridge because this is one of the only shops that have a size 6 that actually fits me. Everywhere i go i don’t seem to be able to find a size 6 blazer that isn’t too long and doesn’t have sleeves that are half way up the crotch of my are.

5. Favorite perfume ? I would have to say ‘Tommy Girl’ by Tommy Hilfiger. When I was younger, like the age of 3 maybe, not that i remember that long ago but my mum told me when she wore it i would cry to be picked up. However, my signature scent is ‘Miss Cherie’ by Christian Dior, its such a floral smell, I Love it.

6. Heels or flats? Although I’m only 4ft 10, Im a midget, i have very small feet and i can’t find a size 2 pair of shoes that fit. I have to buy most of my clothes and shoes from the kids section which is a little embarrassing to admit but its the truth. So i generally stick to flats when i find ones that aren’t too small or too big.

7. Do you make good grades? i wouldn’t say i make great grades but i was always the goody two shoes In my class and could never do no wrong, always did my work- that kind of girl. But when i got home i just forgot about school and zoned out with my music. I didn’t get bad grades but i didn’t get any A’s. Now I’m at sixth form Im getting A* left right and centre.

8. Favorite colours? i don’t have a favourite colour but i have to say Red and white because I’m Wengers Red and White Army.

9. Do you drink energy drinks? No. people say I’m weird because i don’t like any type of fizzy drink- cola, lemonade, fanta. I just don’t like the fiz. 

10. Do you drink juice? The only drinks I like, and I’m very fussy when it comes to juice, would have to be Copella juice in Apple, Cloudy apple, Apple and elderflower or Apple and mango. As long as its got apple in it I’m happy, oh and of course water too.

11. Do you like swimming? Im not a great swimmer, i don’t like going too deep in the sea but if i had to rescue someone i would forget about my inability to swim far out. I can say that but if i was put under that situation watch me chicken out big time!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? Yes, but only the fat ones if their McDonalds i use my fingers, the idea is that its fast food, no cutlery necessary.

13. Favorite moisturizer? E45 cream, its soft on my face softens dry skin that i get around my nose and chin.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life? With the right person defiantly 

15. Do you get mad easily? Generally not but sometimes people know how to push my button to the point and its not often you see that side to me but you know when it comes it comes.

16. Are you into ghost hunting? Absolutely…Not!!

17. Any phobias? I run from bees but thats everyones instincts. 

18. Do you bite your nails? when i was a lot younger yes which lead to me sucking my finger and then my dentist told me i would loose my teeth so i sat on my hands when i went to suck my finger to stop myself. Now i think it’s a gross habit.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? No but I’ve fainted twice which felt like i was going deaf and couldn’t breathe but thats something completely different in its self

20. Do you drink coffee? No i hate coffee, I only drink tea, hot chocolate, Hot milk with cinnamon, juice and water

Try this illusion…

Hi guys.

Ive just found this illusion and tried it out. At first my mind didn’t focus on what my foot was doing when i incorporated the movement of my finger and even when i focused hard on keeping my foot rotating in the same direction my reflexes didn’t communicate with what my brain was trying to tell it.

It has proved to me that although we think our minds are in perfect control of our body, when something gets too complicated we can’t decide what is true and what is false.

What you need to do…

Lift your right foot off the floor so it is hovering and move your leg in a circular motion clockwise.

Then make the number six (6) with your right index finger at the same time as rotting your foot to the right.

You will notice that your foot ends up moving in the opposite direction you started in the first place, from moving clockwise to anticlockwise.


Football Stars Id Marry


Francesc Fabregas Soler- Plays for Barcelona FC, Spain National Team

Previous club Arsenal


Cristiano Ronaldo- Plays for Real Madrid, Portugal National Team

Previous clubs are Sporting PC and Manchester United


Gerard Pique- Plays for Barcelona, Spain National Team

Previous clubs are Manchester United and Zaragoza (on loan)


Iker Casillas- Plays For Real Madrid, Spain National Team

No previous clubs


Ricardo Kaka- Plays for Real Madrid, Brazil National Team

Previous clubs are Sao Paulo and Milan


Yoann Gourcuff- Plays for Lyon, France National Team

Previous Clubs are Rennes, Milan and Bordeaux

What are your top football players?!